Friday, March 23, 2012

Jasmine Cafe

Jasmine Cafe & LoungeHello again. I just had a flashback of a Sunday afternoon I spent at Jasmine Cafe that I had to share with you! This restau-rant has been in downtown Tallahassee for years and its consistency has not changed. Every time I frequent this quaint, little spot with casual décor, I am always pleasantly satisfied.  Known for its sushi, it has to be some of the freshest and cheapest in town.  However, there are many other items to choose from on the menu such as excellent appetizers, salads, sandwiches, noodles and even vegetarian dishes. During a recent visit, I chose the Thai Peanut Stir Fry. What an experience! The merging together of the spices with the cilantro and peanuts brought the chicken and vegetables to life!  The entire dish was inundated in an awesome peanut sauce, and when mixed with the steamed rice, it was the perfect balance to each bite.  So if you’re in the mood for sushi or some other unique bite, stop by Jasmine Cafe on College Avenue in Tallahassee!  Then let me know…does it bite or not? (Price - $)


  1. I love their sushi! They also provide ample portions for less.

  2. Jasmine Cafe bites! I love their fiesta rice bowl...